What Is Wall Tie Failure?

What is wall tie failure?
Common signs of cavity wall tie failure are stepped and horizontal cracks in the masonry and mortar of a wall. Bulging and bowing walls is also a clear sign of damage. In certain circumstances, cavity wall tie failure can lead to the external leaf collapsing entirely.

What is the solution?

Installation of remedial wall ties, followed by the removal or isolation of the existing wall ties, is the quickest and most cost-effective solution to wall tie replacement. There are various remedial wall ties available, but the three most common are:

  • Mechanical Expansion
  • Resin / Grouted
  • Helical

The Building Research Establishment has suggested that all steel or iron wall ties inserted prior to 1981 are at risk of (premature) failure (premature relates to the notional 60 years life of a building.) If you believe you have a property with wall ties fitted prior to 1981 or have any of the problems mentioned above, we would advise you to get them checked immediately, we can book a professional survey at your convenience using modern techniques and technologies and provide you with solutions to any problems you may have.

The Surveying Cymru Team.

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