Surveying Cymru is one of the leading social housing solutions in Wales. We continue to be consistent supporters of the sector and develop our expertise as social housing evolves. Our goal is to build a sound understanding of your requirements and deliver the results you want on time and in a manner that suits your obligations. We therefore see our work as essentially a partnership.

Does your property suffer from damp problems? Surveying Cymru are able to recommend the most effective solutions in the marketplace.

Damp walls or air in your property can cause harmful effects. Left untreated, the property can start to decay causing irreversible structural damage. Your health is also at risk as moisture stimulates the growth of mould releasing spores into the air. When inhaled these can exacerbate respiratory diseases such as asthma, particularly in older people and young children. Acting quickly on damp problems will protect both your home and your health.

Our recommendations will be the most cost-effective and tailored to your individual circumstances. All of the contractors that we recommend will guarantee that any works are undertaken with care and pride, allowing you to carry on living in your property with a minimum of disruption.

Let Surveying Cymru turn your Damp House into a Dry Home.