An EPC is an asset rating that tells you how energy efficient a building is and what its impact is on the environment.

Properties are rated on a scale of A-G where an A rating is the most energy efficient. The England & Wales average for an existing dwelling is D60. Homes which are rated more highly should have lower impact through their Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions. The Certificate will also include recommendations on methods by which you can improve your home’s energy efficiency, which can save you money and help the environment. EPCs for commercial buildings (non-domestic) are a two-page certificate rated by Carbon Dioxide emission ratings on a scale of A-G and have a separate recommendations report.

A domestic EPC is required for each self-contained dwelling – a dwelling for a single household with exclusive use of a private bathroom and kitchen, with a separate entrance. Newly completed dwellings require a full SAP EPC. Existing dwellings require an RdSAP EPC.

EPC’s are also required in order to be able to access funding for energy efficiency measures through the ECO scheme.


Speech Mark Surveying Cymru
Speech Mark Surveying Cymru

In order to carry out an EPC an accredited Energy Assessor from Surveying Cymru will visit your property to collect only the data required for assessing energy features and generates an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) using government-approved software. The assessment is based on the construction and type of dwelling and pertinent fittings (heating systems, insulation or double glazing, for example).

It is not a structural or building survey, condition report or property valuation. An EPC should not be read as a comment on the overall condition of the property nor will it comment on the presence or otherwise of asbestos, or any building defects or hazardous materials.

It will also not cover items or problems in the property which would be picked up in a building survey, which may be costly to rectify, as these are outside the range of the information collected. If you are unsure of whether or not you require an EPC or a building survey then please call us and we will happy to discuss your requirements with you.