If your home is not suitable for cavity wall insulation one of your options will be insulate the outside of your property, provided this is done by an accredited and professional company, it will give you a new weatherproof layer that will shield you from penetrating damp with a blanket of insulation for years to come. Should you have any existing penetrating damp problems due to poor wall finish, then the insulation will increase the temperature of the internal surface of the wall, making it less likely that you will get condensation problems on your walls.

The main damp issue to be avoided with external wall insulation is rising damp. If you already have an issue with this, then it will have to be rectified before the insulation is fitted, otherwise you run the risk of trapping the damp inside the wall structure and so making the problem worse. Our specially trained surveyors will identify if this is the case prior to recommending any further works.

It is also important to make sure that the new external insulation layer and cladding do not bridge the damp proof layer in the wall. The insulation should start above this; otherwise, water may be able to use the insulation to rise above the damp proof membrane, causing rising damp where it wasn’t a problem before.

Our approved and accredited affiliated installers, only fitting a recognised external wall insulation system, will ensure that there are no problems with rising damp and that the external surface is fully weatherproof throughout, so you will not see any new damp issues.

The thermal performance of the installation is dependent on the type of insulation used. To cater for all budgets and requirements, EWI systems can be used with Expanded Polystyrene, Mineral Wool, or Phenolic boards.

Mineral renders are extremely tough and come in a number of finished colours and textures. Synthetic finishes offer an even greater choice of vibrant colours to bring a tired exterior back to life and with a slip brick system you can now match or replace existing brickwork to provide a more traditional finish. Our surveyors will be happy to discuss which of these options is best for you and your home.

Benefits include:

  • Reducing your utility bills
  • Improving your property’s energy efficiency rating (EPC)
  • Eliminating condensation and damp
  • Warming the home more rapidly
  • Improving the property value
  • Making your house look more attractive and marketable
  • Reduce traffic noise
  • Help reduce carbon emissions and improve climate change
  • Minimal disruption during application
  • Valuable internal space is not compromised
  • Durable for the lifetime of the building
  • Low maintenance
  • Strengthens and prolongs the building life
  • Extensive range of products, colours and finishes.


Speech Mark Surveying Cymru
Speech Mark Surveying Cymru