The process of installing cavity wall insulation follows set steps to ensure efficient and quality installation:

  • One of our qualified surveyors visits your property to advise if your property is suitable for cavity wall insulation and which system is best suited
  • Our surveyor will advise the fee applicable for installing cavity wall insulation and also any grant funding you may be entitled to through local or Governmental schemes.
  • If you are entitled to a grant, it will be necessary to carry out further steps, such as a technical survey or Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), before the funding can be administered and to ensure compliance
  • We’ll organise a mutually convenient time for our installation crews to attend
  • All moveable items in the property are removed and temporarily stored away from the wall surface. Existing pipes, services, balanced flues and air grades are checked to determine functionality. If required, any plant growth is either restrained or cut back to clear the working area
  • Installation of the cavity wall insulation begins once the site is ready and safe. Each elevation of the property has small holes drilled out in compliance with the BBA specification so that insulation can be blown through the outer wall into the cavity
  • When the insulation is in place to all elevations, the holes are filled with a matching finish / mortar and the site is cleaned and previously removed items are replaced
  • Final inspection of site is completed with you before the job is signed off.

You will now be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • High level thermal efficiency – warm in winter; cool in summer
  • Reduction in energy consumption and heating bills
  • Less demand on your boiler
  • Reduced condensation and black mould growth
  • No maintenance
  • No disruption to the inside of your home
  • Quick installation times – around three hours for a three-bed semi-detached house
  • All systems are BBA (British Board of Agreement) approved


Speech Mark Surveying Cymru
Speech Mark Surveying Cymru