Taking Thermal Imaging to The Skies!

Surveying Cymru have ascended to the next level of drone and thermography work with the purchase of the new DJI Mavic 3 Thermal

The New standard for portable commercial drones

The DJI Mavic 3 Thermal is a new generation of multi-sensor, lightweight and compact commercial drone. Especially suited for the emergency services and inspection missions, the quickly deployable Mavic 3T has powerful imaging capabilities and enhanced 45 minutes flight time. This versatile drone supports visual data collection, including hybrid zooming, and high-resolution thermal.

Thermal drones are quickly becoming a widespread tool for detecting heat signatures from above.

Never before have you been able to get such accurate and cost-efficient temperature readings of commercial rooftops, wildfires, solar plants, and more. While in the past, you needed manned aircraft which were expensive and involved a lengthy scheduling process, you’re now able to hire a professional drone pilot certified in thermography to deliver the same level of data in minutes.

Drones equipped with thermal sensors become a powerful tool. They can manoeuvre difficult environments like tall roofs and large industrial sites to detect hot and cold spots and collect exact temperature data, all while keeping pilots at a comfortable and safe distance from the action.

If you interested in our new technology, please get in touch with Jak our Head Drone Operator.

The Surveying Cymru Team

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