Fantastic new innovation – Isotherm insulation!

Surveying  Cymru have been working with one of our suppliers going over the new products they have on the market. One of the products really caught our attention, as it was explained that a large number of housing associations throughout the UK have started implementing this product in their housing stock, as it saves a vast amount of time regarding installing and also saves thousands of pounds in scaffolding and EWI costs. The product is called ISO-THERM, and its design results in the prevention of damp while insulating the property at the same time.

The product is retrofitted to the interior external walls of the dwelling; the walls are then reskimmed, and the walls are then repainted using thermal paint, which is also manufactured by our supplier, Wykamol. Once the applications are completed, all ventilation needs for the property are addressed, and a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee is issued.

We have the BRE guidance, ISO-THERM Product Guild, and the Case studies documents available on request.

The system is a fraction of the cost of EWI , and the project is not weather dependant, meaning from start to finish we would complete a property within 7 working days. The end result is that you have a property that will never suffer with damp and black mould ever again and the heat will be returned into the property before the wall absorbs it.

Needless to say, this could be a game changer for Housing Associations and private dwellings alike, If you require any other information please get in touch with the Surveying Cymru team.

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