Did you know.

Depending on size, materials, and how those materials are sourced, constructing a new house likely emits in the order of 15 to 100 tons of CO2. That’s a large amount, but only a fraction as much as an energy inefficient house might emit over its lifetime.

We all know that more needs to be done about climate change, and we all can make changes to our lives to reduce our carbon footprint. One of the biggest contributors to our carbon footprint is something we often don’t think about as being very polluting. Our homes.

The houses we live in have a huge effect on our carbon footprint. How it’s built determines how much energy you will use on heating.

What your house is built from also has a huge effect on its carbon footprint. Most houses in the UK are built out of brick, with a concrete foundation. The energy efficiency of your home has a direct impact on the carbon emissions. So, if your insulation is not up to standard you could be unwittingly polluting the atmosphere so get in touch now to arrange an energy efficiency survey to find out more.


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