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Did you know?

Energy efficiency still remains one of the biggest concerns of English and Welsh housing stock, as defined by data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS)

Its analysis suggests that nearly three-fifths of assessed homes have low energy efficiency rating.

Any home with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) has a rating from A to G defining how efficient it is.

The ONS say that the age of the property is the most significant factor linked to its energy performance.

According to the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey, less than a fifth of people in Britain were considering improving their home’s insulation.

The most common reason mentioned for not prioritising energy efficiency measures was the belief that their home was already efficient enough.

Opinions are now changing due to the increased cost of heating and running a home. Here at Surveying Cymru we are eager to help and await your call, our trained assessors and advisors are well versed in the delivery of all insulation measures to ensure your homes are as energy efficient as they can be.


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